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In the Mail… July 3, 2010

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Got some good stuff in the mail this week!

Ron was happy to surprise me with a $2/2 rolls of Bounty Extra Soft that he requested. (not pictured)

Crystal Light Fitness samples and coupons from Vocal Point (sign up at the packaging for this was amazing.

Babies R Us Mailer with coupons and 20% one item coupon (love to use that on wipes combined with a sale and MFRC) sign up for the Babies R Us rewards card in store to start receiving these or go here

Wendy’s $5 voucher. We had a bad experience and part of our order missing the other night once Ron got home with the food. He called the customer service number and let them know. They sent us a $5 voucher which is nice, but I think for all the inconvenience  that it should have been enough to cover two meals.

Scope samples and coupons. I believe these are from the Walmart sample site. The sample size is perfect for the office or lunchbox.

Tribe Hummus. I cannot say enough how much I LOVE Tribe Hummus. They have the best flavors and are lower fat than some of the other brands. I wrote them on their website to let them know how much I like their product and that they post nutrition data online. I also commented that I never see any coupons–so they sent me some with no expiration date! I suggest you try Tribe Hummus. Trading Co Stores carry it in the Spokane-CDA-Post Falls area. Every 4-6 weeks it goes on sale for a price tha fits my budget and I stock up. I’m excited to combine the sale with my coupons next time. If you like it to-contact them here and let them know we want regular coupons!

Stay tuned to see what we get in the mail next week!


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