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Banana Bread Muffin Recipe is Complete July 5, 2010

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Check out my recipe in Click here for a direct link to my recipe page. Complete with photo and nutritional data I think you will never throw an over-ripe banana out again! I think we make these about once every 7-10 days at our house. With my ingredient swaps, these muffins pack a much better nutritional value punch than traditional banana bread. They are also much easier to serve or grab on the run during a busy morning. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Note: I use Splenda. I know not everyone feels ok about using artificial sweeteners. If this is your case swap out the Splenda for granulated sugar. Your nutritional data will be much different since Splenda has no calories. You can create your own Spark Recipes account to tally up your recipe using sugar.


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