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My Favorites from Parenting June 2010 Magazine July 5, 2010

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Parenting Early Years June 2010

So I just finally finished my June issue of Parenting-early years magazine. You could say I’m about a month behind. Bits and pieces totally applies to how I get through my magazines…a few pages each night. If I am lucky to sit down with a cup of tea and read for 30 minutes that is a treasured moment. Here’s what I liked or wanted to share from this issue.

Giveaways-new one each day this summer. Enter each day for something new here.

Skinny Cow advertisement for single serving ice cream cups-we tried them and they are good! Watch for coupons online/facebook/skinny cow web site. With coupons these are a pretty affordable treat.

McCormick Recipe Inspirations advertisement. These look really cool. All the spices in one pack already portioned with a recipe card. I would love to find some coupons for these to try them out! (I rarely try something new unless it has a coupon.)

Cool Product: Eat Cleaner Grab-N-Go Wipes for wiping off your produce. They are in individual packs so you can clean your produce on the go. I think there are some of these in the Healthy Child party kits I ordered. Looking forward to trying them.

Product Sample: Buzz Away Natural Insect Repellent.  Call 1-800-448-1448 for a free sample. Visit for coupons and store locator.

Does your family like Ovaltine? There was a $1/1 MFRC coupon in this issue.

Philosophy has a new fragrance called Field of Flowers. The description sounds delightful. It looks like JC Penny and Nordstroms carry this line. I certainly will not be ordering a $30 bottle of perfume online without smelling it first. I will have to swing in next time I am at the mall and give it a sniff.

Check out cool cakes for kids at I will be researching some ideas for Rocco’s first birthday cake!

Snacks: Plum Tots Fruity Fingerfuls in I Heart Strawberries look so yummy. I bet Rocco would love them. Will be looking for those next time I am in Babies R Us. Organic Vanilla Smiley SnacksOne of Rocco’s favorite “snackies” is Earth’s Best Smiley Snacks. They were featured in this issue. Rocco and his big sissy both think they taste good.

Cash Back Program: Parenting Privileges-if you are a subscriber this program is free. Sign up to get cash back from many major online retailers. Click here for more details.

Scary Fact: Kids ages 2-5 spend an average of 32 hours a week in front of a screen, outpacing older kids according to Nielsen, the ratings company. Kids ages 6-11 are next up, at an average of 28 hours. (Researchers think it’s school that keeps this second group from first place.)  This is ridiculous!! Kids are spending the equivalent of almost a full-time or more than a part-time job watching TV each week. Not good.


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