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This Week’s Blogging July 7, 2010

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Well, I never made it to last week’s grocery ads. In fact, we never even went to the store! The only store that had stuff I was interested in was Albertson’s and I was holding out for doublers in the paper but there weren’t any. It wasn’t worth making a special trip-they were all stock up items that could wait until next sales cycle. I’ve got this week’s store ads 3-hole punched and in my binder but there was nothing so great I had to hop online and write about it right away. I may get time tomorrow or Thursday to recap any good deals so you can snag them this weekend if you didn’t already know about them.

Created a new recipe tonight:Mexican Chicken and Brown Rice with Black Beans. Working on figuring out the nutritional data and then will share and would even like some suggestions. It was good but it was like it was missing something.

If you’re in a pinch for this week’s store deals or hankering for some coupons-check out the blogs I follow. They always have good stuff and those gals do their blogs full-time so there is something new all the time.

Looking forward to checking out this week’s grocery ads in the morning! I’ll be reading those with my morning coffee since we have to get our Wii balance board fixed so I can get started on my morning yoga kick. Speaking of morning…it is not that far away. Time to call it a night!


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