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HALO Natural Pet Food-FREE samples and Coupons July 13, 2010

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I signed up for a newsletter and FREE sample a while back from HALO pet food. I like the idea of all natural pet food with no chicken meal or bi-products. Buster on the other hand did not dig the all natural treats. They would just sit on the floor and I would have to scoop them up before Rocco got to them and thought they were his “snackies.” I did mix them in with Buster’s existing dry food and he ate them that way just fine.

Buster is my baby…well was my baby until Rocco was born…but let’s face it-Buster is still my baby! I started giving him a spoonful of yogurt every evening a year or so ago as a nice treat. (He’s 10 now-he deserves some pampering.) Then a while back I started giving him a half-can of wet food each morning when I got up to get ready for work (Um this was not such a good idea on the days I don’t work because Buster is at my side of the bed between 4-5 am meowing for his wet food or if we come up to make a bottle for Rocco in the middle of the night he follows us thinking he should get his food then.) Anyway, I noticed Buster likes the pates and then basically licks up all the liquid from the other kind. I did start reading the labels on the canned food I was getting him-not impressed. Granted I’ve been getting his canned wet food for $.40 per can or less (cheap!!) but when I read the ingredients I am not really happy with what I am feeding him.

So I got an email/newsletter from Halo the other day and it included a $5 coupon code for purchases on their site (CODE Jun5JUL). I decided to try the cat wet food sampler pack and see what Buster will eat. I paid $1 plus $8 shipping (shipping is kind of high). This is a good way for me to try this out and not have a huge investment buying a big case or driving around to the stores in our area that carry Halo (Petco does and so far that is all I have found).

Halo also has a ton of coupons to print for store use click here to see them. If you want to sign up and get your coupon (via email) for FREE dog or cat treats click here. Visit Halo to learn more about the products and their mission or click here to read the blog and see additional specials. I think it is a great company and just hope Buster likes the food so I can stop feeding him the artificial crap in a can.


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