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Yogi Tea Fun Idea for a Cool Treat in Hot Summer Weather July 14, 2010

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I got the ideas below in an email this week-this treat sounds like a fun idea and inexpensive, if you already drink tea you will have most of this already around the kitchen!

From Yogi Tea

For a cool and fun treat this summer, try making popsicles with your favorite Yogi Teas. Brew your favorite Yogi Tea to your liking, pour into a mold, and freeze. Tea, like plain water, freezes really hard, so for softer popsicles try adding a bit of sugar, milk or honey. You can even get creative and throw in fresh fruit or herbs. Here are 5 easy and delicious tea-sicle ideas:

Green Tea Delight w/ Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant: Try mixing in a touch of honey or some sugar with this tea’s already lightly sweet licorice flavor.

Great Green Goji Berry w/ Yogi Green Tea Gogi Berry Tea: Try adding fresh blueberries, blackberries or raspberries – they’re a delicious way to add a little something extra!

Chai Dream w/ Yogi Chai Rooibos Tea: Just add milk and sugar, mix, and freeze for a chai lover’s dream-sicle.

Lovely Lemon Ginger w/ Yogi Lemon Ginger Tea: Wonderful by itself, or sweetened to taste with sugar.

Cocoa Kava Cool Down w/Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea: This cocoa delight is perfect sweetened with milk and sugar.

Have a favorite tea you think would make the perfect popsicle? Share it on the Yogi Facebook page.


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