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Hanes/Bali/Playtex Outlet July 15, 2010

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 Once upon a time there was an outlet mall called the Post Falls Outlets. In its heyday this outlet mall had some decent stores, but no where near the outlets like the ones I’ve heard about in Denver. Now, there are 4 or 5 lone stores left hanging on by a thread, well that’s my guess. I heard that the mall was bought by new owners; they have yet to do anything to make the Post Falls Outlets a shopping destination.

One store that is still hanging on is the Hanes/Bali/Playtex outlet. I’m very glad they have not closed! They have great prices on bras, underwear (men’s and women’s), socks (for the whole family) and PJ’s, and even some workout clothes for women. Now occasionally if a local retailer has a killer sale the outlet prices are about the same, but on a regular everyday basis the outlet store is by far better. Plus they have a rewards card (only available in store), which includes a special offer each month and then once you’ve spent $100 (which most women know doesn’t take much when you are buying bras and underwear). you get 20% on your next shopping trip.

I like to shop there because the store is more intimate than a big retailer, they do FREE fittings (and if you have any teenage girls in the house, drastic weight changes, nursing/stop nursing you will need these!) and the sales staff are always really friendly at our location.

Here’s an example on the deals we got last weekend when we made a trip there:

All bras were buy 3 get 25% off the bras, so we got three really nice bras for $17.24 each after discount (I try not to pay more than $20-25 for a good bra). Suggested retail price on them was $32 each so this was a good deal!

I also bought a Sports Bra that was $15.99, but then the July offer for rewards members was 20% any non-sale item and applied to this item making around $12.99 but then sales associate must have adjusted my discount because I only paid $7.00 for this one! Suggested retail price was $20.00-nice deal!

If you don’t have an outlet store near you, the good news is that they do have an online outlet store. The way to make this work is to find a store near you that carries these brands and you could try on bras there. Then come home hop online to and save yourself some money!


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