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Up to additional 30% Off sale and clearance prices @ Kohl’s! July 18, 2010

Filed under: Good Deals,Kohl's — nskinner @ 5:27 pm

I went shopping with my Mom yesterday at Kohl’s. She had a 30% (on top of any sale prices-including clearance) coupon when you use your Kohl’s card. Plus she had a $20 gift card! We saved almost 66% between the coupon and gift card. They’ve got some good deals going on for back-to-school stuff.

Here’s a couple things I bought-

Nike socks for Ron-normal price $12 for a 3-pack (outrageous..who pays that for 3 pairs of socks!)

They were on sale for BOGO 1/2 price, plus the 30%.

Final Cost for 2 packs- $6 each

I bought a new top (I’m slowly adding to my wardrobe now that I’m getting back closer to pre-baby weight)-normal price $24 (I would never pay $24 for a top!)

On sale for $12.99, plus 30% off

Final Cost $9.09

So we got 2 packs of socks and a top for less than what the socks normally cost!

My Mom bought Rocco a few items on sale for half-price or clearance and some sippy cups. Normal price on the sippy cups was $12 for a 2-pack and I think after they were on sale plus 30% they were on around $6 for the 2-pack. One of the clearance items was some Nike shorts for next year, normal price $12 and after the sale plus 30% I think they were $4.80!

See store for details-there are coupons you get to see if you save an additional 15, 20 or 30% off using your Kohl’s card. This is only a good deal though if you can turn around and pay your Kohl’s card bill off completely…otherwise you are just going to pay interest which kind of defeats the purpose buying this stuff on sale and making it work with your frugal budget. I say “NO” to credit card balances.


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