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Know Who Lives In Your Neighborhood… July 28, 2010

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FREE Registered Sex Offender Report

Got to or click the photo below to register for a FREE account that will give you access to find out if any registered sex offenders are living in your area, or by where you work or by your daycare, etc. You get the idea, you can input any address and it will show you the registered offenders. You get to see their picture, stat info on what they look like and what they were convicted of. This is very helpful if you find out any of the convictions involved children. You can make sure your kids go no where near that home (or any other offenders for that matter)  and as they get older you can let them know that is a “bad house” with a “bad stranger” and that they should never talk to anyone from that home or go around it. How much and what you tell your kids exactly will depend on their age and your comfort level. At any rate, even if you don’t share the “bad houses” with your kids, you should at least arm yourself with the knowledge to help protect your family. And if you don’t have kids? Well, this information is still pretty important. Knowledge is power.


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