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I’ve found the BEST Cat Litter in the world! Try it FREE! August 10, 2010

Filed under: FREE — nskinner @ 4:00 pm

So I was a little skeptical at the $8.34 price for Feline Pine at Target. I mean this stuff is claiming to be the best cat litter in the world. Really? Well, after we have used our first bag the answer is…YES! This stuff is all-natural pine, no chemicals and works amazing! It has a pine smell to it, absorbs moisture well and keeps odors to a minimum. Plus as the pellets absorb moisture, they break down in the cat box to a saw-dust like texture = no cat litter tracked around the house.

I have one cat and I can use half of the bag at a time for about 3 weeks before it needs to be completely changed. So at $8.34 per bag that is about $1.39 per week. My cat and my family are definitely worth that each week.

Even better news is I just found a full-rebate form on their website (limit 1 per household of course).  So you can try it out for FREE!

Give it a shot. I bet you and your cat will not go back to other kinds of litter!


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