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Diapers for Babies in Need-You Can Help! Please Read October 15, 2010

Filed under: Baby — nskinner @ 3:26 pm

Huggies has a wonderful program called Every Little Bottom. Right now you can donate your Huggies rewards points to help provide diapers to babies in need. 16 points will provide diapers for 1 baby for an entire day. I just donated 160 of my points, because really, do I need to play the instant win game 160 times? Please check out this program here. Find out where you can donate diapers in your area, host a diaper drive or start a diaper bank. As a Mom of a little man who goes through a lot of diapers, I cannot imagine having to choose between diapers and food or utilities.

So I am also interested in either hosting a diaper drive or even starting a diaper bank in my area. But, I can’t do it alone…I will need help. Please contact me if you can help in any way.




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