living a full life on a smart budget-naturally and organically

About February 27, 2011

This blog is dedicated to saving money, living debt-free, and maintaining and organic and all-natural lifestyle as much as possible, all while living life to the fullest! I’ve named my blog Bits and Pieces because that is how I roll these days. My husband and I both work full-time and have completely different schedules. I have a busy teenage stepdaughter and a toddler that goes non-stop. Bits and Pieces is pretty describes how I have to get things done. Hey, I will take whatever works!

What to expect on this blog…

From coupon links, free sample requests, recipes, good deals I got at the store to my thoughts and opinions on anything from grocery shopping, fitness, kids to policital issues-you can expect to find a variety of things on this blog. But let me be completely clear: I am not claiming to be an expert on anything. These are my thoughts, opinions and feelings from the knowledge I have at hand. If you find that you have information to provide that states differently on something I’ve written that is a fact (not an opinion)-please feel free to comment and share with me. I love knowledge and I love learning.  Just be sure to do it in a friendly and courteous manner as you are the one commenting on my blog…not the other way around.

The coupon links I find and share, along with any free samples are products I feel good about sharing and most likely use myself.  I do not post everything I find or items I don’t care to support that are either not good for you (in my opinion) or that are not organic or all natural. If you need more comprehensive links, coupons and updates I’ve got some great links posted on the front page of the blog for some blogs that are run as a full-time gigs that post everything under the sun.

Want me to have a link to your blog? Send me your blog, I will monitor it for a few weeks and see if it has information to add that I feel good about sharing. If I like, then I will post it. Simple as that.

Have a blessed day!