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Fitness and Workouts February 27, 2011

Our family is committed to living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.  That said, I chuckle at myself in that I’ve not been able to get my workouts on track for a long time. I have however managed to get to my pre-pregnancy weight; it only took 19 months (much longer than I ever thought it would!). Now the game is on-I really want to get back in to shape.

Here are my goals for 2011:

Get to pre-pregnancy weight-DONE

Get treatment for chronic lower-back pain: In progress

Walk Bloomsday with Rocco in stroller section

Work up to 45 minutes on Elliptical without stopping

Run 2 miles without stopping

Practice Yoga 3 times per week

Learn to meditate and do it daily

Lose 20 pounds

Stay tuned–I plan to add sub-pages with workouts I am trying and my work out plans once I get started.


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